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Have you ever tried to reach out and connect with God? You know He's out there somewhere, and you're searching for Him, but somehow, something is missing... Watch this 15min video with Rabbi Jeff to get some answers.

How to Have a Personal Relationship With God

Our Jewish traditions are beautiful, but they alone do not satisfy the inward longings of our hearts to know God personally.


How can we connect with the God of our Fathers? How can we enter into a personal relationship with God like Abraham, Moses and King David had?


Rabbi Jeff Forman answers these questions by presenting three biblical principles that will lead you into a deep, intimate and personal relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...

The 7 Steps to Knowing the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Do you want a fresh new life, walking with God everyday? You can have all your sins atoned for. You can be set free from the bondage of sin and have your name written in the Book of Life!


"I Met Messiah" video testimonies of Jewish professionals who met their Messiah!

More Testimonies!

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