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"Make Disciples..." Along with the preaching of the Gospel is the call of Messiah to make disciples. Our one-on-one discipleship program is designed to establish and build up new believers in their faith in Messiah. This intense discipleship program is vitally important as the new Jewish believer faces many unique challenges from family, friends and the Jewish community. 


Most Jewish people ask the question "Why don't the rabbis believe in Jesus?". "Twelve Sons of Israel"  is an amazing book which answers this question with testimonies of 12 rabbis who became believers in Yeshua. Messianic Mandate supports the publication and distribution of this book, giving thousands of people in the community and beyond, the opportunity to consider who Yeshua is,  from a Jewish perspective.

We have recently had this book translated into Russian and delivered it to thousands of Russian Jews living in our neighbourhood.

We believe that Lord is blessing every seed that we have planted in our community and will bless these outreach efforts one-hundred fold! It is our partnerships with people like you that make this a reality!

Isaac planted crops in that land and the

same year reaped a hundredfold, because the Lord blessed him. (Genesis 26:12)

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