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Several times a year, we initiate outreach concerts and events for residents of low-income apartment buildings. They are mostly older Russian-speaking Jewish residents, many of whom are Holocaust survivors. Their childhood experiences of the war they survived stripped them of their innocence, left them with emotional scars and leave them searching for meaning and hope. 

Our outreach events are held either at the apartment buildings themselves or at our synagogue. When the event is at the synagogue, we pick them up at their apartment complexes and bus them to the Synagogue. Twice a year, we take them on coach bus trips - to a Niagara family farm (in the spring) and a local farm for a corn roast (in the fall). 

​During these outreach events, there is joyous worship and dancing unto the Lord. On many occasions, the children and the youth will sing and dance for them. Then a strong message from the Scriptures is preached and we pray for them one-by-one. They are always deeply touched by the love and power of God, and many of them have received the Lord. We end the evening by treating them to a light meal and fellowship.

​Through our outreach efforts to these precious elderly people, we have made significant connections with their children and their grand-children. God has given us favour and we are reaching out to the generations!

We are sincerely grateful to all of our partners who have sown prayers and finances into projects such as these! The salvation and eternal destiny of our people is priceless. The prayers and gifts you have sown reap eternal rewards!

Rimma's Testimony
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