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Have you been looking for resources to read about Israel, the feasts and the Jewish people. Pick up niche items such as "Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus" and "Messianic Church Arising". Visit our bookstore to find out more.


Messianic Mandate works together with Churches and schools to expound deeply edifying teachings from A Messianic Jewish point of view. We are committed to working with with organizations in the GTA and surrounding area, presenting the Jewish Roots of the Gospel. Book your Messianic Experience today!


Yeshua (Jesus) spent one of His last evenings on earth with His disciples over a now famous dinner - the Last Supper. This year, experience Messiah in the elements of the Passover Seder! This is a unique and inspiring event that you will not want to miss! The date and format of our 2021 Seder is still TBA, due to current COVID restrictions.

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