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How Should Believers View the Current Israeli War?

Rabbi Jeff & Janet Forman have four children. Their three daughters moved to Israel and met their husbands there. They personally know four people who were murdered on October 7th as well as one who was abducted to Gaza. The war has been gut-wrenching for the whole family, yet Rabbi Jeff & Janet have set their hope on the Lord and trust in His promises for Israel.


There is much controversy and false narrative surrounding the current Israeli war with Hamas. This message will explore three areas of truth that will provide understanding and clarity as to how believers should view this war: Biblical, Historical, and Moral.

This is an eye-opening topic and we would be honoured to present this message to your church.





Below are two documents that will help to shed light on this important issue. The "Uniqueness of Israel" covers the Biblical portion of Rabbi Jeff's message. The other document provides good background material on the Historical portion of the message.

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